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The Drawings, Specifications and other documents prepared by the Consultant for a particular project are instruments of the Consultant’s service for use solely with respect to the project and, unless otherwise provided, the Consultant shall be deemed the author of the documents and shall retain all common law, statutory and other reserved rights, including the copyright. The Client shall be permitted to retain copies, including reproducible copies of the Consultant’s Drawings, Specifications and other documents for information and reference in connection with the Client use and occupancy of the project. The Consultant’s Drawings, Specifications or other documents shall not be used by the Client or others on other project, for additions to this project, or for completion of this project by others, unless by agreement in writing and with appropriate compensation to the Consultant.


Before you sign any contract, be sure that you understand the fee structure and know exactly what is and is not included in the fee. Likewise, clearly define the responsibilities that your architect/engineer is going to assume. Do the same thing with your general contractor and any subcontractors.


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