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Before you purchase a lot with the intent of building on it, you should conduct some preliminary studies on the property to ensure that there won't be a problem obtaining a building permit. First, determine if the lot has basic services such as water, electricity, telephone, sewage and septic infrastructure, and drainage. Second, make sure there are no restrictions placed on the lot that could result in the denial of a construction permit. It will not be enough to check the Lands Registry. You should also check the Ministry of Works for future road construction projects; the Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Housing and the municipality where the property is located for things such as height and site coverage restrictions, fire and parking requirements. Finally, be aware of any environmental regulation that may affect your construction project, such as pier restrictions, reserves, national wildlife refuges and areas deemed protected by the forestry, environmental, or archeological laws.


Requests for construction permits are filed with the Central or Local Building Units depending on the location. These authorities are responsible to ensure that all constructions comply with building regulations. You can, therefore, expect periodic visits to your construction site by building inspectors, who must verify that the construction is proceeding according to the drawings approved and permit. These Building Authorities comprise of a Technical Manager and Building inspectors. For more information on building permits please visit the Central Building Authority website 


In summary, whether you are purchasing an existing building to renovate and remodel, or are purchasing a piece of land on which to build you dream project, make it your responsibility to be well informed about the procedures involved so that you ensure your investment will be a profitable one. An investment in the services of a good Architect goes a long way towards ensuring a successful outcome for your project. 


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