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The Association of Professional Architects of Belize is a non-profit organization that promotes the responsible development of Belize by (1) regulating the practice of Architecture; and (2) promoting the use of Architecture as a tool to achieve safe, healthy communities. The APAB is currently a member of observer status in the International Union of Architects (UIA) comprising 120 member countries worldwide; the Federation of Caribbean Architectural Association (FCAA); and related bodies.

All fully qualified architects wishing to practice in Belize are required by law to register with the Association (APAB). Only the members of APAB are fully licensed to practice architecture throughout the country.

Board of Directors

The APAB Board of Directors are elected every two years at an Annual General Meeting during which the officers of the Board are elected by majority vote.


In accordance with the Laws of Belize, anyone who wishes to practice as an Architect or offer Architectural Service (regardless of the size of Building is required under the Section 15(1) of the Professional Architects (Registration) Act[2003] to be a registere APAB Architect.


"No person shall engage in the practice of professional architecture or hold himself out as a professional architect unless that person is registered under this Act."

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An APAB registered Architect will provide you with much more than just drawings for your new dream home or renovation. You will be involved in creating a tailored solution for your living needs. An architect has the experience to assist you with your project safely through to completion, overseeing the design, the planning and building regulations, the builders and your established budget. You can hire an architect to manage any or all parts of the design and construction process.


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