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In June 13, 2001 the professional architects (registration) act was commenced by statutory instrument No. 91 of 2001, and at the same time the first request for registration was published in the newspaper, asking all architects in Belize to submit their applications to the already established admission committee of the Association.


Until this point, anyone who wished to call him or herself an architect could do so, no licensing laws existed to shape the calling. From a small group of professionals that met informally with no resources but with a dream of forming the first association of architects in Belize, that will allow architects to get together and regulate the practice of architecture, with the purpose of better serve the increasing demand from the Belizean and foreign investors.


On October 23 of 2001 the first Annual general meeting was conducted in Belmopan and was established the different categories of membership, the first board of directors was officially instated and this board was composed by:


President: Ester Ayuso

Vice President: Julius Espat

Treasurer: Klaus Adamek

Secretary: Luis Ruiz

Other Members: Eckerd Luis and Sue Courtenay



APAB thanks that small group who started this movement, and these pioneers are; Anthony Thurton, Julius Espat, Antonio Gonzales, Eckert Delfin Lewis, Luis Ruiz, Javier Gutierrez, Gustavo Guerra and Klaus Adamek. The APAB continues to work to improve the profession for the benefit of its members and for the benefit of our country of Belize and it’s citizens.

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